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If you are planning to organise a big party in your home or if you are preparing to meet some important business partners at the office, why don’t you give Splendid Cleaning a call and schedule a thorough one-off cleaning in London? It will not cost you much and our competent professionals will finish the job in no time.

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    We can deep clean all kinds of properties

    A professional one-off cleaning is one of the most meticulous types of professional cleaning you can possibly get. It goes beyond things like vacuuming the carpets and dusting the shelves. We rely on advanced cleaning machines like steamers, innovative vacuuming systems, hot water extractors and etc. We, at Splendid Cleaning, possess not only the equipment but also the training and the skills to deep clean different domestic, business and commercial properties. What you should know about our punctual one-time cleaning service in London is that is quite adaptable. Therefore, no house or office is too small or too big for us. Also, we do not view client requests, no matter how demanding or complicated they are, as an inconvenience because we have no trouble following a cleaning checklist or personalising our speedy one-off cleaning in London. As a matter of fact, we also personalise our quotes because we know that there are no two projects that are exactly the same. 

    A great spring cleaning solution that will save you time

    Even if you are not planning to throw a big birthday party in your home or to hold a key business conference at the office, you can still take advantage of our comprehensive one-time cleaning service in London. It makes a perfect spring cleaning solution as it will refresh your property and you will not even have to invest a second of your time in the whole process. 

    The capital of the United Kingdom was founded by the Romans. London’s Roman heritage is visible to this day. There are countless landmarks that date back to Roman times. The London Wall is one of the oldest of them. It was built around Londonium (the early name of the English capital). Only small fragments of the wall have managed to survive over the centuries and they are scattered around the City. London’s Roman Amphitheatre is another Roman site in the Big Smoke. It was discovered more than 30 years ago. Archaeologists believe that it had a capacity of over 7,000 people.

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