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We at Splendid Cleaning are the contractors to call when it comes to professional and reliable sofa cleaning services in London. We are licensed contractors and we have been in the cleaning industry for so long that we know it like the back of our hands. Throughout the years, we have been employed to organised and carry out numerous couch sanitation projects and we must admit that we have complete all these jobs with flying colours. After all, it is not by chance that we are reputed to be highly competent and hard-working London cleaners.

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    Fully equipped sanitation specialists in London

    The size and shape of your sofa would not be an issue as we have the tools, manpower and expertise to sanitise easily and efficiently even the largest couches. We use only eco-friendly sanitation products that allow us to treat safely all types of fabric from which furniture upholstery is made. Our detergents also permit us to remove fully resilient stains caused from:

    • Wine
    • Ink
    • Chocolate
    • Makeup
    • Fruit juice
    • Grease
    • Blood

    Our sofa cleaning services in London are comprehensive and will certainly provide you with an affordable solution that will easily fit into your sanitation budgets. 

    Property trained and highly capable cleaners

    At Splendid Cleaning, we believe that a company is only as good as its workers and this is why we have carefully vetted and selected our cleaners. We put our sanitation technicians to mandatory training sessions upon employment, so that they can master the latest and most effective cleaning techniques. We have also equipped our sanitation experts with the finest instruments because our main objective is to provide our clients with top of the line London couch cleaning options.

    You can learn more about our sanitation company by exploring our website or making inquiries directly to our friendly and cooperative customer consultants. Do not be timid to ask for a personalised, free and final quotation.

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